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Over the years, the CSIR has produced many scientists, engineers, technologists and other professionals through various development programmes. However, as with any organisation, employees resign to pursue other opportunities, retire or may leave as a result of other organisational processes. The CSIR uses the Alumni Programme to maintain and continuously engage with this sector of our employees. The Alumni Programme is also a vehicle to strengthen ties with CSIR former employees to support the pursuit of our mandate of improving the quality of life of South African citizens.

The CSIR takes pride and acknowledges the wealth of knowledge and networks of its alumni. The Alumni Programme is geared towards tapping into this wealth of knowledge and networks that are associated with our alumni for the benefit of both the CSIR and the alumni. There are numerous benefits that can accrue from the programme, including, but not limited to, networking for targeted recruitment and referrals, access to mentors for our young/emerging professionals and strategic collaboration opportunities for new business.



To join the CSIR Alumni Programme, please register on the site by clicking on the “Join Alumni Programme” button.

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Mon – Fri : 8am - 4:30pm
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