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What are the requirements for joining the CSIR Alumni Programme?
  • You need to be a former CSIR employee;
  • Willingness to participate in the programme; and
  • The CSIR will satisfy itself if any applicant to the Alumni Programme meets the requirements before acceptance into the programme.
  • Former employees or current employees when leaving the CSIR who meet the requirements to join the Alumni Programme.
How do I join the CSIR Alumni Programme?

To become a member of the CSIR Alumni Programme you need to complete a membership application form here or complete an online survey on this link or register on the alumni webpage (to register on the alumni webpage please go to the CSIR website and click on the Alumni link to access the webpage). Alternatively, current employees upon exiting the CSIR, will receive a form to complete if they wish to join the programme.

What happens after I have registered as an alumnus?

You will receive an email informing you of the outcome of your application. You will then proceed to the alumni webpage to create/reset your own login details (email address and password), as your email address would have been captured on the webpage.

How to create a new password/reset password on the alumni webpage?
  •  An alumni must enter his or her email address on the Forgot password page
  • An alumni will receive an email that contains a rest password link.
  • Click on the rest password link, you will then be rerouted to a Reset Password page where you will be given a chance to change your password.
Do I need to renew my membership annually?

There is no need. Should you wish to terminate your membership, please send an email to the Administrator of the Alumni Office at and ask for the cancellation of your membership.

How do I apply for the CSIR alumni access card?

Firstly, members are required to update their details on the alumni webpage. Secondly, members of the Alumni Programme need to complete an application form available from this link. Once the application form is completed, attach a copy of your ID and an ID size photo. Please send back the application form and relevant attachments to both the Alumni Office on and ID Card Office on

What are the privileges of having an alumni access card?

Alumni with access cards may access the CSIR campus without going through the visitor’s registration desk.

How long is the alumni access card valid for?

The alumnus access card will be valid for a year; however, if an alumnus does not comply with the rules and regulations of the CSIR, the Alumni and Security Offices have the right to disqualify or declare the membership invalid.

How much is a new alumni access card?

A card fee of R50 will be required to be paid at the Security Office for new applications, or to replace the card if lost or stolen.

How much is a replacement card?

It is R50 and includes card printing costs.

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